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man worked on anger management


People think that anger is a simple emotion but really it comes from many places. Maybe you lash out when you are overwhelmed, stressed, annoyed, or hurt. You don’t mean to but you don’t know how else to deal. Maybe you are angry at not being treated like you deserve or things that are unfair. You are standing up for yourself.  Maybe the anger is there to protect you from getting hurt again or from feeling sad. The anger acts as a wall to protect you.


If you struggle with expressing anger, you are often labeled as bad, aggressive, or trouble. That makes you more angry. They don’t understand. They seem against you. I don’t label; you can let me see the real you.  Therapy can help you figure out where the anger comes from.  Then we figure out how to meet your needs, to protect yourself, to get treated like you deserve, or to release your emotions. I’m on your team, never against you. Reach out to schedule a therapy appointment to work on anger.

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