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What can you help me with?

We work with specific mental health concerns including depression, anxiety, anger, and relationship conflict; as well as anyone who is tired of the way they feel or the patterns they have in life. We work with adolescence (12+),  adults, and families to help you address your difficulties.

Will you judge me or try to change me?

We meet you where you are without judgement. We believe in mutual respect. We welcome all people.  It is not our goal to change any beliefs or lifestyles. Rather we work with you on what you want to be different and help you achieve a more fulfilling, balanced life.

I’m a private person how can I feel safe opening up?

Its impossible to open up if you can’t trust someone to keep information to themselves. We take confidentiality seriously to create a safe place for you. We also are legally and ethically bound to confidentiality with our client’s.  The exceptions to this is if your safety or another person’s safety is at risk. The counselor will review the limits of confidentiality in the first session and provide space for you to as any questions.

What does a typical therapy session look like?

You can relax on the couch with a warm drink as we talk. We offer a suit of tools to assist with relaxation and concentration. The first therapy session typically last 75 minutes as we start to build a working relationship.  After that, therapy sessions last about 50 minutes.  You can use this time to work on what you see as most pressing or allow the therapist to direct you into the work that is sometimes more comfortable to avoid. We will work together to help you grow, change patterns, heal, and live more freely.

How long does therapy take?

We will do our part to helping you move towards your goals while knowing that change takes time. We respect the pace at which you wish to move. You may need to be seen and understood before you are ready to do the tough work of making change. Or you may be well into the work of self-understanding and ready to try things differently. We meet you where you are and help you move towards growth.

How much does a therapy session cost?

A typical therapy session cost $100. We are below the market rate to help make it accessible while also valuing our time. Therapy has been shown to effectively improve mental health and treat problems of life including family, futures, purpose, & life satisfaction. We see that client’s who engage with the work of therapy do not regret the money they spend on counseling.

Do you take insurance?

We are happy to provide you a superbill which can allow you to obtain a partial reimbursement from your insurance provider for therapy. Please speak with us about this process and contact your insurance provider to see what they reimburse.

How do I make an appointment?

What do I do when I arrive for my first appointment?

When you arrive at 420 The Parkway Unit K, park in any available spots.  Proceed through the main door then into unit K on the left. You will be in a waiting room shared with other therapist.  Have a seat or help yourself to coffee or tea. Your therapist call your name and guide you back to the office. 

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