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Therapy for Adults & Teens

Anger, Depression, Anxiety therapy in Greenville, South Carolina

Woman with short curly hair smiling. Rebecca Phifer-Ball LPC therapist

Therapy with 

Rebecca Phifer-Ball LPC

Therapy is not about "fixing" you; rather, it's about supporting and facilitating your growth. You are not too much, and you will not be judged for who you are or what you have experienced.

I am committed to helping individuals embrace their true selves, foster healthy relationships, and recognize the control they have over their lives.

You matter,
I see you.

I'm not here to change you, but to help you pursue the life you want.

Woman in therapy

Offering afternoon & evening appointments to help fit therapy into your life. Therapy can be in-person or virtual.

therapy session with teen

Relaxed. Accepting. Curious. 

Bring your whole self to therapy.

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